1 Year Anniversary!

Today is the one year anniversary of the grand opening of the Bijou Bike Park. In the last year we’ve made some major improvements to the park and upgraded some of the existing features.

New Strider Zone, built July 2016

New Strider Zone, built July 2016

2016 new improvements include:
· A rebuild of the small pump track and inclusion of a Strider zone.

· A rebuild of the medium slopestyle jump line.

· New construction of a large slopestyle jump line.

· Rebuild and stacking of the Pro slopestyle jump line.

· Sculpting the lower loop trail for drainage improvements and flow trail features.

· Reworking the BMX track and resurfacing.

· Installation of park signs indicating the features.

· Installation of a bike work station. (Thanks to the Lake Tahoe Bicycle Coalition for this)

All this work was done with cooperation from the City of South Lake Tahoe, they have continued to help with staff time, materials and delivery of fantastic dirt. The majority of time and money for these improvements was from you, the community. We have spent over $13,000 to pay pro builders (Corey Dicks, Matt Stuck, Alex Fowler, Shawn Warren) and have spent countless volunteer hours making improvements. The signs were printed free of charge by Heavenly’s local sign shop and the California Conservation Corps sent volunteers to help install them.

After one year the Bijou Bike Park proves it is an integral part of the community and has attracted national and international attention from magazines, newspapers and social media. Everyone involved should be proud and we’re lucky to have a world class bike park in our backyard. In addition, we were recently notified the bike park will be awarded a TRPA Best In The Basin Award at the Governing Board Meeting on September 28th!

The job is not done however. We still need a solid volunteer leadership group to help maintain and operate the park. Our Maintenance Mondays have been sporadic and we could better use the bike park as a learning ground for the youth with free programs tied to the schools, Boys and Girls Club and other organization. If you would like to step up and help out please send an email (info @ tamba.org) or stop by any TAMBA event, board meeting or advertised Maintenance Monday. The future is bright for the Bijou Bike Park and we look forward to many more anniversaries!

New signs being installed in August

New signs being installed in August