Bijou Bike Park has two pump tracks, a loop trail, a BMX track, and 3 Slopestyle Lines (small, medium and large). For more photos check out our instagram feed and flickr page.

ENTRY PLAZA. Riders are greeted with a paver entry plaza and monument sign. The sign has a map of the bike park, rules and regs (helmets required!), bulletin board for events and project thank yous.

SLOPESTYLE LINES. This area consists of sculpted dirt and 20 features made of wood and metal. A start hill allows riders to drop into the line of their choice safely.
– The small line has a series of dirt and wood rollers, berms, table top jumps, some small wood drops and a teeter totter. Beginners to experts will have fun on this line.
– The medium line has five 4′ tall wood kicker ramps with dirt landings, skills in jumping are required to ride this line, there are small gaps between the lips and landings.
– The large line has 6′ tall kicker ramps with hipped landings. There is also a 30′ long wood “hammock” feature and a shark fin named “sharknado.”  Riders should have a high level of skill, especially in dirt jumping to ride this line. Gaps between the lips and landings are big.

Here’s a video of the large slopestyle line from GoPro Athletes Mike “Hucker” Clark, Drew Bezanson and Chad Kagy. 

Bike Athlete Camp | Follow Cam Bijou Bike Park, South Lake Tahoe, CA Mike “Hucker” Clark shows us his follow cam technique with Drew Bezanson at Bijou Bike Park Association in South Lake Tahoe. Watch them tear it up during GoPro Bike Athlete Camp!Camera used: HERO4 BlackSettings used: 1440 by 1080 @ 60fps

Posted by GoPro on Thursday, September 24, 2015

Slopestyle start hill - Large, Med, Small (from left to right)

Slopestyle start hill – Large, Med, Small (from left to right)

Bijou Bike Park – Slopestyle Jumps from Lite Pro Gear on Vimeo.


6′ tall kicker ramps on the large line with hipped dirt landings.

The sharkfin, aka sharknado is one of the last hits on the large line

The sharkfin, aka sharknado is one of the last hits on the large line


The hammock is one of signature features on the large line – gap on, gap off.



The medium line and it’s consistent jumps has quickly become the most popular part of the park.


The small line is super fun with a bunch of rollers, ramps and mini-drops. Practice your skills here before moving on.

PUMP TRACKS. There are two pump tracks in the park, the large pump track is for move advanced and intermediate riders, there is 6′ of grade change in the large pump track and requires greater skill to pump uphill completing the loops – striders and beginners are not recommended on the large pump track. The small pump track is near the entry to the park and is in a flat area, it is fun for all levels of riders.


Pump tracking

The small pump track is perfect for beginners, although you’ll also see seasoned riders lapping the track.



The 3 best parts of the bike for young kids and beginners are the small pump track, small slopestyle line and the loop trail.

BMX TRACK. The BMX track is located in the center of the park, it was built by the same builder as the 2016 Olympic Track in Brazil. It is about 1,000 feet in length with about 10′ of drop between the first straight and the finish line and has a slurry coat surfacing. It is used for USA BMX sanctioned races. The start hill sits on top of a container where inside we keep all maintenance tools and supplies for the bike park.