Take Action

On March 3, 2015 the City of South Lake Tahoe’s City Council will vote on entering a partnership agreement with our volunteer group to construct the Bijou Bike Park. We need your support on this vote by telling the City Council members the benefits of the bike park. Please attend the meeting in person or write a comment letter to council to make sure this vote passes.

Click here to read the full staff report to City Council.

Talking points can include:

– The bike park is a recreation facility similar to sports fields, the skate park, the dog park and other existing uses in this public park. It is a missing amenity in high demand that the City can easily provide for the community and visitors.

– The City is getting a public improvement project valued at over $500,000* for an investment of approximately $200,000. The value of our volunteer in-kind services is estimated to be over $300,000 for professional services and labor upon completion of the project, with potential for high return on investment. *estimate based on costs for design, permit and construction estimate

– The Bijou Bike Park will be a high visibility project for the City with potential for national press. It complements trail projects occurring in the surrounding National Forest and summer improvements at Heavenly.

Letters should be addressed to the City Clerk and All Council Members.

Susan Alessi, City Clerk

1901 Airport Rd or salessi@cityofslt.us

City Council Members

Hal Cole, Mayor hcole@cityofslt.us

Wendy David, Mayor Pro-Tem wdavid@cityofslt.us

Tom Davis tdavis@cityofslt.us

Joanne Conner jconner@cityofslt.us

Austin Sass asass@cityofslt.us